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Armageddon Session Notes – 23 February 2013

Armageddon Session Notes – 23 February 2013

Corbett dreams of Chief Fagan, he can barely make out the words she’s attempting to tell him.  She says, “the funny thing about the K-F drive…the thing they don’t like telling people…Corbett?  Corbett stop staring at my tits, this is important…”

Corbett wakes as an uncomfortable effect of the Normandy’s gravity drive passes through him.  He notices that Gerst is missing from his bunk.  He finds him in the passage between the CIC and the bridge, where Blake had been revealed to be a false memory, where he presses Corbett with his photo of Bramer, Geers, and himself in which he insists he still sees Blake.

Later that morning, the team assembles their geer and examines the Ares site from orbit.  During the First Succession War, several nuclear weapons had been detonated on the planet, causing the already harsh environment to be even harsher.  The Ares facility is in ruins, but orbital reconnaissance shows several cook fires and activity in the area.  The team lands several miles out and approaches on foot.

Ian and Hudson approach a lone man cooking over an open fire in a burnt-out building on the outskirts of the worker town.  Once the man notices the Agamemnon insignia on the pair, he informs them that they’re late, and asks them if they’re original crew or “series 7”.  When asked what “series 7” is, he starts speaking of how a man named George owes him money.  He seems quite in the know about the fate of the Agamemnon and the Exodus and speaks regularly of stories told by the White Queen.  He asks if they’re alone, and tells them the Librarian will be overjoyed to see them.

The rest of the party approaches, and the man leads them into the facility, announcing to everyone he passes that they are original Agamemnon crew – the party gathers quite a crowd as they move several levels deep into the Ares facility and finally into a large cafeteria that is packed literally full of stacks of paper and filing cabinets.  In the center of the chaos they meet a wizened man, the Librarian.  He immediately begins asking questions, tracing the journey of the Agamemnon crew from the time of the misjump on.

Through inference and a few direct questions, the team discovers that the White Queen, presumably an AI, has been making predictions for two hundred years, and the caretakers of the facility have catalogued them and waited until the true predictions can be revealed.  As the questions are asked, the Librarian eventually has to turn to documents in a cabinet that appears separate and revered from the others.  His mood becomes very somber as he continues asking questions and tracing the branches of the predictions.

During the conversation, the voice of a young girl breaks into the team’s radios.  She informs the team that she’d been trapped in a security closet for some time, having been brought to the facility by a fanatical father.  She also makes the obvious statement that the Librarian is not entirely stable and that he’s currently reading from a “very bad cabinet” and that the team should be ready to act.

Finally, the Librarian asks a few seemingly innocuous questions, and ends finally by looking up to Corbett – having reached a path that ends with the destruction of Rasputin – and asks him why he felt he had to do it, and pulls a sidearm.



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Armageddon Session Notes – 9 February 2013

Armageddon Session Notes – 9 February 2013

The party finds itself in a second prison in nearly as many days, this one is a few levels above ground and audibly near a flight path.

John Hubble comes in to speak with the prisoners.  He explains to the party that the entire invasion was designed to end the Third Succession War – which obviously back-fired.  He explains that the Clan assault isn’t an invasion, it’s a retreat.  He says that the human race probably only has five years left to it.  As he leaves, he mentions that even if humanity had a few centuries to prepare, it may not be enough.  The team infers from this that the Clans are being driven home by an alien race, perhaps the Consu that the party had previously encountered.

During the subsequent conversation, Millet reveals that the League base on Persephone 2 was researching ruins believed to be alien in origin.  She mentions that she was told of them by Ian.

That night, the voice of Mr. Case comes from the intercom in the cell block.  He explains to Janks that the key to the data bomb could be found on “Sub-level 7, locker 9″ and that it’s a small gold jewelry box, approximately 6″ by 2″ by 2”.

The next day, the roar of LAM engines precedes the hand of a Phoenix Hawk tearing open the wall – outside, two Phoenix Hawks painted in the black of the Black Knights with Star League insignia begin laying into the surrounding area.  A tilt-rotor craft hovers into position, and a squad of marines piles into the cell block, tossing smoke grenades and laying down covering fire.  Sergeant Major Barret strides into the fray and works to break the party from their cells.  As they begin to retreat for the aircraft, an unseen soldier with a handgun begins firing out of the smoke.  Three marines drop with three shots.  The team retreats into the aircraft and flies clear under cover of the Phoenix Hawks.

After a few moments, Lance Geers mutters, “Oh…oh hell…”, and dies quietly in his seat from small arms wounds.

They arrive along with several other similar flights in an empty field outside the city.  Colonel Vail is there, directing the evacuation to a number of small military drop-ships.  Stella is given a small interceptor to fly escort.  The party boards a dropship piloted by Rance along with Vail and the evacuation takes flight and makes orbit.  In the distance, the party catches sight of a McKenna-class battleship and its distinctive centrifuge.  Vail identifies it as McKenna’s Pride – Kerensky’s flagship.  He says it was brought in a few months after the battle.

Vail notes, “the way I see it, the motherfuckers owe us a McKenna-class battleship.”

The dropships are pursued by a number of system patrol craft and a squadron of superiority fighters.  Stella attempts to fend them off, but her fighter is severely damaged.

Vail activates one of the Clan gravity devices, and a few moments later, as the dropships are about to be overcome, Alabama jumps in ahead and begins laying down covering fire.  The dropships make emergency landings in Alabama’s recovery bay, and Normandy swoops in and rescues Stella.  Both ships jump free of the combat.

Aboard Alabama there’s a warm homecoming celebration, and the team is debriefed by Vail and Montenegro.  After telling their story, they’re informed that a sizable fleet has been gathered from many of the houses of the Inner Sphere, but it’s still not enough to break the siege of New Samarkand.  With so many heads of state involved, the situation has become extremel political and it’s very possible that the message of unity in the face of invasion would fall on deaf ears.  Also during the conversation, Millet reveals that she has a majority of her memories, but had stayed silent.

The team decides to split off from Alabama in the Normandy and head to Cromwell to pursue Bigend’s key.

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