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Armageddon Session Notes – 26 January 2013

Armageddon Session Notes – 26 January 2013

The team returns to the bunker and compiles a list of supplies for Bigend.

The following day, Ian and Janks head back downtown and strategic place projectors around the office building – the plan being to project a Cameron Cross, the symbol of the Star League, upon all faces of the building at the conclusion of the operation.

The next night, the team infiltrates the building adjacent to the Ares building.  They leave Stella on the 37th floor with a sniper rifle and proceed up to the 42nd floor, where they use a zip line to cross the span between the buildings and break into the former Ares office on the 37th floor.

After a few seconds plugged into the local network, Mr. Case reports that the data he’s looking for isn’t there, but his “intelligence is unimpeachable”, and that the data bomb, several petabytes in size, must be there, likely hidden in something at least the size of a bread box.  The team fans out to search the office space, which has been very thoroughly cleaned out.

In an executive suite, Ian and Corbett stumble across a coffee machine looking very out of place in the abandoned and stripped office.  Nearby is a painting that Corbett recognizes as identical to the one in the heuristics creche on Cromwell.  Ian snatches up the machine and Corbett the painting just as the emergency lights blaze to life and a troop of Clan marines takes position at the other end of the suite.

The troop is led by the Warrior John Hubble, who attempts to get the team to surrender before Stella snipes one of the marines and starts a firefight.  The Clan troops use non-lethal drugged flechettes, and the Agamemnon crew attempts to stall them using non-lethal (and occasionally comedic) tactics.

The non-lethal tactics seem to work on the Clan troops, who begin firing very sporadically and without enthusiasm for hitting their target – all except Hubble.  The team sends another zipline to the neighboring building and make their escape and everyone makes it to the other side, except for Janks, who as the last one out, is hit by Hubble and loses consciousness.  Unable to rescue him under rocket attack from the Clan Elementals on the ground, the team makes their escape.

Upon returning to the bunker, the team finds it in a state of evacuation.  Bigend receives the coffee machine and its massive data cargo happily, and informs the team that Janks’ capture isn’t as dire as it may sound.  His next task is to get the team off-planet to retrieve the key to the data bomb from the Ares labs on Cromwell.

“Cromwell again?” exclaims Millet, “These guys almost died last time.”  A few wonder how Millet recalled the pre-jump event.

Bigend has been informed that a massive jailbreak is underway to get the Agamemnon survivors off the planet – but unfortunately he’s been unable to communicate with the resistance to inform them of the party’s whereabouts.  In a fairly oblique chain of logic, Bigend concludes that the easiest way to reunite the team with Janks and get them off the planet so they’re free to travel to Cromwell (not to mention netting a significant reward if he plays his cards right), is to simply subdue the party and turn them over to the Clan authorities.

Which he does.

The session ends in jail.  Again.


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Armageddon Session Notes: 12 January 2013

Armageddon Session Notes: 12 January 2013

The party and Bigend retire to a private room to dine and talk.  When asked about himself, he is very elusive, insisting that he’s simply an entrepreneur affected adversely by the occupation, but the team is suspicious, and Jack is sure he’d overheard the name in conversation during his leave in Shenzhan during Agamemnon’s refit.

Bigend introduces the team to Jane Sagan, a Clan Warrior who had defected to the resistance.  After answering some speculation about the nature of the Warriors, the following points are discussed:

  • There’s a considerable rift in the Clans about the nature of the Agamemnon heroes.  Many see their fighting on the side of the Inner Sphere as a sign that the Khans have been grossly misguided.  Indeed, many thought that the mass driver was just to be used as a threat of force, and it wasn’t until Persephone that they realized the horrifying truth.  By and large, the Clan personnel “trained to think”, such as engineers, scientists, officers, have tended to be much more susceptible to sedition than the rank and file.
  • Clan Wolf has taken over securing New Samarkand after the Ghost Bears were severely bloodied in the battle.
  • To Jane’s knowledge, only one of the mass drivers was built.  She also states that only one came in the passage across the void with them.
  • When asked about technological doodads, she states that the most advanced thing she knew of was Normandy, and that had been stolen by the Agamemnon crew already.  The Normandy was a closely-held secret, the only reason she knew of its existence was that she had been stationed on it briefly during the passage.  She didn’t know what Normandy’s ill-fated mission to the storage cache was about.
  • The strategic situation is that there are a number of powerful battleships and cruisers stationed at New Samarkand now, and even with the combined forces of Houses Steiner and Davion with the Combine, there’s little chance of them being able to secure the skies above the planet without the target being softened first.
  • A very strong resistance movement is still fighting in the planet’s southern continent.  Led by a man referred to as “The General”, they’re meeting with some success, but don’t have access to the planet’s valuable assets to the north.  The common assumption is that The General is General Hsu, from the Combine Defense Forces stationed on the planet, but the Clans claim they’ve executed him.  Attempts to make contact with cells of this resistance movement have so far failed.
  • Bigend notes that unlike most planets of the Inner Sphere, New Samarkand retains a majority of its infostructure, which has the potential of allowing cyberwarfare, such as the type Mr. Case engages in, to delay or disable some of the fleet.
  • Furthermore, he believes there’s an opportunity to gain defectors, or at least lower the morale, of the Clan fleet by using the Agamemnon crew as figureheads.  Since the crews had been aboard ship for nearly three years, they’re being rotated to ground duty, which should allow the party a chance to affect some hearts and minds before they’re shipped back to posts in orbit.
Bigend’s mission for the squad is to infiltrate a series of Ares Arms offices in an office building downtown that has been secured by the Clans and get Mr. Case access to their computer systems, all the while “being seen” – and making an impression on the impressionable – hopefully earning some recruits at the same time.  Case will download the cyberweaponry expected to be on the central servers, and the team will make an escape.
That night, when attempting to find the head, Ian stumbles upon Bigend’s quarters and witnesses the man changing his shirt.  His torso is covered with tattoos of all different fonts and sizes, all of which reading “All of the warriors, none of the poets”.  He doesn’t mention the sighting to the rest of the party.
The next day, the party gets some civilian gear and heads out to take a look at the office complex.  The building in question has been secured by the Clans, all employees wear security badges, and the building is guarded by a star of Elementals – two at the front entrance, one at a rear loading dock, and two on the roof with a small specialty jump craft.  Ian swipes a badge from an employee approaching the doors and infiltrates the building.  He finds that the elevators and the stairwells all require propert authorization to get through, and is unable to get to the Ares Arms offices in question before being pursued by security.  As he slips out of the building barely ahead of pursuit, he notes that the security apparatus of the office building have captured a photo of him.
The party heads back to the bolt hole to plan the breach.


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