Ascension Session Notes – 12 May 2012

Elsewhere the same evening, Jack is helping out with the Persephone children – the youngest of which were creating art and printing it to decorate the walls of their rooms.  At one point, a piece of art prints from the printer that reminds Jack of the disturbing art they saw on the wall of the lab on Cromwell.

On the marine deck, Janks and Sergeant Major Barret are discussing the ship-wide small arms inventory when they encounter Lev Arris, quite obviously not in his cell, striding down the hall with all of his gear.  He instructs the two Sergeants to grab their guns and follow him.  As they approach the lift, a security alert goes out concerning gunfire at the enlisted mess.  Barret breaks off to investigate while the other two board the lift to the senior officer’s quarters.

Lev explains that for the last several weeks he believed the crew to be attempting to plant post-hypnotic suggestion in him via the lights of his cell, then it stopped several weeks previously.  It resumed the previous day, and then that morning, the ship spoke to him.  He described the conversation as incredibly frustrating, as if with an “incredibly dense child”.  He did manage to glean that it felt it has made a terrible mistake and had put  Colonel Becker in jeopardy.

Becker ducks behind her desk as the brainwashed Captain Alexander opens fire.  Janks and Arris come around the corner, Janks puts a bullet into Alexander and Arris moves forward and disarms him.  Meanwhile, Barret arrives at the enlisted mess and tries to give aid to Corbett, who is in shock after the violent suicide.

Becker manages to make contact with the entity in the computer and confirms Lev’s suspicions.  She shortly thereafter convenes her leadership council to discuss the situation.  The accepted assumption is that the entity is an AI retrieved in the raid on Cromwell and has somehow become entangled in the ship’s computer.  It’s also assumed that it’s operating at diminished capacity since the original Ares cylinder is secured and several cores of the computer are offline.  After some deliberation, they order an audit of the ship’s computer system to determine the available options for either isolating and/or re-integrating the AI.  Becker also orders a 24/7 watch placed on locker 17.


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