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Awakening Session Notes: 31 March 2012

Awakening Session Notes: 31 March 2012

Meanwhile, on the Agamemnon, Becker examines surveillance video of her quarters from the previous night and finds nothing unusual except a strange flickering in the lights in her quarters.  She also finally inquires of Summerville of the curiosity in the CIC – which he explains is a screen at the signal intelligence station that no one can seem to remember.  It is simply a text input prompt named R.A.S.P.U.T.I.N. – the most they can discover is that it’s a piece of Ares Arms software seemingly designed to aid in tactical analysis.

Back at Persephone 2 – Captain Montenegro gives the order to transmit the wake-up call to the hidden Star League facility.  After several moments, the facility responds with its location, and Colonel Vail along with a fighter escort drop from orbit to secure the area.  When the Thermopylae finally makes it to the ground, the strike team takes an APC into a series of canyons with light battlemech escort to find the facility.  A number of combattants arrive from around the planet to attempt to secure the facility as well, but Vail’s mechwarriors easily keep them at bay.

The find the entrance to the underground facility and with a bit of larceny manage to open the door to the long ramp down to a motor pool.  Some computer legerdemain by Mitch gains the team access to the facility proper.  They quickly discover that there seemed to be a mutiny within the facility several hundred years ago, followed shortly thereafter by a biological contamination.  After gaining access to the facility administrator’s logs, they discover the following:

  • The facility was a secret League laboratory dedicated to advancing military biotechnology – the main lines of research involved biological computing and storage as well as advanced myomer materials for battlemech applications.
  • Shortly before the Agamemnon made her fateful jump from Bernard, Tokugawa sent a message to the facility informing them of his imminent arrival.  He encouraged all of the facility’s personnel to join the Agamemnon in the Exodus.
  • Some of the personel of the facility mutinied – likely in a loyalist attempt to stop the rest of the League personnel there from giving Tokugawa access to the research data and the holocaust archive stored there.  At some point in the mutiny, the biological compound was released and the computer locked down the facility until the contagion was no longer detected.
The team rapidly makes it to the lower levels and secures the research data core and the League holocaust archive.  They go up into the labs to see if there is any important equipment to salvage and send Jack back to the motor pool to check in with the ground team.  When he arrives, he sees movement on the ramp to the surface and hears a pitched battle on the radio – Vail shouting for the team to get out because he’s being attacked by a superior force.
The team rapidly returns to the motor pool and engages hostile forces supported by extremely large and dangerous suits of powered armor a type of which no one had seen.  After neutralizing the enemy, they narrowly make it back to the Thermopylae under fire from yet more strangely-designed and highly-advanced war machines through the sacrifice of several of Vail’s mechwarriors.
Thermopylae makes it off the planet, but is pursued by several enemy dropships for nearly two days until finally, with little fuel remaining, Montenegro turns to make a final stand.  Just as the ship is about to succumb to the attackers, the Agamemnon arrives and drives the enemy away.



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Awakening Session Notes: 24 March 2012

Awakening Session Notes: 24 March 2012

Early in the morning of July 8th, 3020, Becker finds the words “GET OUT” written in small, precise handwriting on the wall of her personal lavatory.  The door to her quarters having been locked from the inside the entire night.  She calls Cottle to her quarters, but he has little to add except some memories of Tokugawa becoming increasingly unstable and Fagan “being the same as always…a little odd…”.  Becker procures a surveillance camera and recorder from Janks in order to monitor her quarters.

First Sergeant Margaret Hudson from the marine contingent is transferred to Janks’ command to help replace the special forces losses.

Corbett continues to explore a relationship with Chief Fagan.

Becker gathers the survivors and makes an inspiring speech, informing the crew that she intends to staff up and try to bring civilization back to the Inner Sphere.  She also announces a set of honors created in the absence of the Star League, and grants several awards to those who served in retaking the Agamemnon from Cooter’s forces.

The Rose:
Sergeant Lance Geers
Sergeant Darryl Gerst
Gunnery Sergeant Jack Richardson
Sergeant Major Hollis Janks
Captain Stella Ives
Major Justin Summerville
(The additional dead marines)

The Bronze Star
Gunnery Sergeant Jack Richardson
Sergeant Major Gabriel Barrett

The Silver Star
Chief Petty Officer Elizabeth Fagan
Lieutenant Mitch Casey
Chief Petty Officer Robert Kim
Major Justin Summerville


Shortly after the ceremony concludes, Agamemnon receives word from Jameson in response to Becker’s ultimatum, claiming to be in charge of Cooter’s men.  He agrees to surrender under the terms of the Ares Conventions in exchange for transport out of Persephone.  Becker informs him to await pickup.

The Thermopylae with all MechWarriors, six fighters, the special forces unit, and a detachment of marines, sets off.  It stops at McTavish’s Hope and picks up Vail and his lance before proceeding to Persephone 2.

Cooter’s men had made their base in an ore transfer facility, where forty-six men surrender to Janks without incident.  Jameson implies that Cooter won’t be joining them, as he was insistent on continuing to fight.  In the process, the Thermopylae crew secures Cooter’s remaining two Leopards, four aerospace fighters, eight battlemechs, and miscellaneous spare parts from a remaining four.  They also discover a shielded warehouse containing a small supply of Strontium-7.

The session ends with the Thermopylae lifting off to find the location of the hidden Star League facility.


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Transmission From SLDF Agamemnon – 7 July 3020

Transmission From SLDF Agamemnon – 7 July 3020

“This is Colonel Becker of the Agamemnon.

By now, I am sure you have realised that the ship you sent to the station to signal Mr. Black is not coming back.  And you are probably also aware that your attempt to take the Agamemnon failed.  You have, so far, lost four ships to us.  You do not have sufficient food to make it through another year, and by now, your men must have started to feel sick from radiation poisoning.  Unless your team got the message off, you have no way out of the system.  And even if Black did get your message, there is no guarantee he’ll bother to pick you up.  You did, after all, fail to find the treasure you are looking for.

I am willing to make you another offer.  Once.  Think very carefully about your answer, because there will be no second chances.

I am offering you a chance to surrender.  If you do, when we have successfully concluded our business in this system, we will take you with us when we leave, and drop you off somewhere less rural.

Think about it.  The alternatives are either that you are stuck here for the rest of your lives, or, if the message went out, that Mr. Black arrives, expecting you to have something for him.  Which you don’t.

Don’t answer yet.  Think about it.  Consider your options carefully, and the consequences of each choice.  In 24 hours, I will listen at this frequency, and you can give me your answer.

Agamemnon out.”

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Awakening Session Notes: 10 March 2012

Awakening Session Notes: 10 March 2012

The session begins with a cutscene.

You’re a little stunned, your ears are still ringing from the numerous explosions and roar of automatic weapons in close quarters.  You’re still holding your sidearm at your side, Becker’s across the room at the lavatory door, Summerville’s bruised and bloodied head in her lap.  She’s stroking his hair idly, probably not even aware of what she’s doing, while collecting reports from across the ship.

“Faro, Strike Team, Report.”

Corbett is working furiously on Jack next to you, who is riddled with bullets and still bleeding from several places.

“Corporal Feeney, Strike Team, report.”

“Mitch.  Doc, I have no idea if the ship’s secure yet, but I have four VIPs for your trauma suite and they are very, very impatient.  Mitch.”


“Sergeant Chambers, report.”

“Goddammit Jack, stop fucking dying!”  Corbet jams a button on a device he’s attached to Jack’s wrist and his whole body jolts slightly.  “Vagabond!”

You finally snap out of it.  “Stimson?”

“Ives has a trauma pack, just like this one,” he holds up Jack’s limp arm, “I need you to go check it, lift this cover, look at the second number, the one in green, if it’s below 100, hit the blue button.  Got it?”

“Ives, green number under a hundred, blue button, got it.”  You roll around the corner into the hall.  Ten yards down there are still tiny smoking impact craters pitting the walls, and there’s blood…everywhere.  Splatters of bone and gore on the wall behind the CIC hatch, streaks of blood across the floor from where the bodies were dragged.  Stella and Geers, bleeding and broken on the floor, Private…Private…you can’t even recall his name….on the deck, the back half of his head missing.

Over the team radio channel you hear Gerst’s half-grumble/half-whisper, “Top, Willis has gone dark.”

You get to Stella and check the trauma pack on her wrist.  The green number says 73, so you press the blue button and the number starts slowly climbing.

You watch as Gerst and Bramer move further down the hall – Bramer dragging one wounded leg behind him – and close in on the door to the enlisted lounge.

Time seems to slow to a crawl.

Corporal Willis…or rather…the body of Corporal Willis is flung out the door.  Even at this distance you see every detail.  His throat is slit so deeply his head is nearly severed…and every pin of every grenade on his vest is missing.

Bramer sees it too.

With a roar, he shoves past Gerst and vaults off his one good leg, tackling the corpse in the air.  You see Blake drop over the top of Janks, and some long-forgotten instinct baked into your psyche by SLDF drill instructors surfaces and you throw yourself across Stella and Geers.  Willis…and Bramer…explode with a series of literally deafening bangs.

With a shudder and a groan, you start to pull yourself upright, the only sound you can hear a high-pitched buzz.  The end of the hall is a scene straight out of hell, covered in gore, you can’t even tell if Gerst was blown apart in the explosion or is simply buried under the mass.  Out from the rec room strides one of the largest men you’ve ever seen, wearing a full suit of combat armor he must of raided from a locker on the ship, and carrying an M-41 in each massive hand.


Mitch snatches up Bertha from Stella’s side and fires a single shot, felling the massive Victor.  Corbett rushes forward and finds Gerst alive, but in shock.  Becker calls up the marines who had been guarding the primary reactor to escort Cottle and Millet from the sleeper bay.  While they’re waiting, Faro calls in and informs the party that the intruder’s ship had vented into space, and she counted three bodies.  Shortly thereafter, Chief Kim calls in and takes credit for the sabotage.

Cottle arrives and all of the wounded are transported to the medical center.

Over the course of the next five weeks, the following occurs:

  • Becker orders the remainder of the crew roused, a process that takes the majority of the month.  Nearly six hundred of the thousand sleepers do not survive.
  • Faro takes the Coyote and a contingent of marines to the abandoned jump station to disable or destroy the emergency HyperPulse Generator located there.  After the three week journey, they follow their orders and destroy the station when they find a ship docked there.
  • The Agamemnon’s sensors, communication systems, and weapons are brought online.  The ship’s transit drives require substantial additional effort to repair before they can be fired.
  • The Thermopylae is made ready to fly.
  • Using the Rusty Bitch over the source of several weeks, the Agamemnon’s stores of water and air are replenished.
  • One member of the crew commits suicide during the height of the resuscitation failures.
  • Jonah and Flannery McTavish are brought to the ship and given a tour.  Becker negotiates with Jonah – who seemed to have been testing the virtues of the sleepers – for all of their surplus foodstuffs in exchange for the Dervish and Rusty Bitch and a promise to not attempt to recruit Bob, who is the settlement’s only trained pilot.  The supplies provided should hold over the Agamemnon crew for nearly a year.



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