Awakening Session Notes – 10 December 2011

The party returns to the Agamemnon and begin to unload.  More than half of the air bottle is used to bring the great battleship back up to its proper pressure, and the food brings a welcome meal to the awakened crew – who get briefed on the mission from Becker and the others.  While they were away, the secondary reactor was brought online and Agamemnon’s power systems refurbished and inspected.  The crews also performed make-ready work on the Coyote, the twelve Shivas of Alpha squadron as well as Stella and Mitch’s fighters.  Furthermore, Summerville mentions “a curiosity in the CIC” to Becker and informs her that she may want to investigate it at her convenience.

Captain Millet and Chief Fagan had inspected the K-F drive.  A drive filament could be fabricated in sections using a nanofiber loom in the ship’s workshops.  The loom would require a pattern not currently stored in the ship’s archive, as well as roughly half a ton of Strontium 7.  It would take several weeks to fabricate, install, and splice the filament sections, but it would at least be possible without a graving dock.

Becker orders several other people woken, including the entire crew of the Coyote, Sergeant Major Barret, Colonel Vail of the Black Knights, and three of his mechwarriors, and a platoon of marines – as expected, some heavy losses occur during the thaw process.

The next morning, Jack has a flashback.

Jack Remembers 1

Becker briefs the assembled crew on the mission to secure the food supplies from McTavish’s Hope and protect the settlement from reprisals from Cooter’s men.  The Wild Card with Becker and the entire marine contingent and the Coyote with Ives, Mitch, Vail, and his mechwarriors depart for Persephone 3.  Major Summerville, Sergeant Major Barret, Captain Millet, Chief Fagan, Chief Kim, Doctor Cottle, and Petty Officer Torres remain behind on the Agamemnon.


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