Awakening Session Notes – 22 October 2011

The session begins with the sleepers discussing their next move.  The discussion becomes somewhat strained, during which Corbett has a memory.

Corbett Remembers 1

Once the discussion is complete, the party has concluded to bring the Firefly-class civilian transport into service and explore the Persephone system for possible sources of food and information.

Captain Millet and Lieutenant Casey head down to the flight deck to begin bringing the Firefly out of mothball while the rest of the party heads to a small arms locker to arm themselves.  They also investigate Locker 17 and Janks attempts to bypass the security of the lock, finding that the mechanism was rigged to explode, and manages to disarm the system, but neither he nor Captain Millet can open the lock, which appears to be controlled from the inside.

Retrieving a small drone from the special forces armory, Janks sends it through the ventilation system to take a peek into the locker – inside the room, they see a small cylinder covered in a tarp, a data core, a agricultural cold storage module, and a pharmaceutical gene vault – none of which particularly belong on a Star League battleship but it does explain why the locker was receiving power during the interstellar journey.

Colonel Becker decides to leave the locker as is and retires to her office to examine service records while the rest of the party works to supply the Firefly transport – currently named “Bernie’s Twat”.  It becomes clear that the transport, while looking rundown on the outside, is actually in quite astounding shape inside, and it appears that the ship was often renamed and repainted – in all likelihood for use in covert operations.

Cottle’s cryo chamber finishes the thaw process about the same time that everyone is complete, and the party convenes there to help the old doctor wake.  It quickly becomes apparently that Cottle retains all of his memories, and views the amnesiac (and armed) crew with no small amount of trepidation.

He very briefly attempts to explain to the party how they came to be in the situation that they’re in, paraphrased below:

At the end of the Amaris rebellion, when Kerensky and Toguawa returned to Terra and killed Amaris and his family, the League lords, fearing Kerensky’s influence, attempted to strip him of his titles and divide the Star League Defense Forces up amongst themselves, to be used, in all likelihood, in a coming civil war to determine who would rule the Inner Sphere.  Kerensky decided instead to quietly recruit the majority of the Star League Defense Forces in a grand scheme to leave the Inner Sphere entirely and found a new utopia on new worlds somewhere far from the influence and politics of the Sphere.

While the forces gathered for this great Exodus, Kerensky sent Tokugawa to retrieve some things their new society would need – some prototypes from an Ares Arms facility on Cromwell (which, Cottle points out, was a nasty bit of business in which Janks almost died), a data core from a Federated Multitech facility, an agricultural sample warehouse from a Pietzo Agricultural research lab, and a gene vault from a Yangtze Pharmaceutical facility.  The final stop on the trip was a classified League base on the uninhabited Persephone 2 to retrieve a League Holocaust Archive – a data archive designed to be a time capsule of knowledge.  The Ares Arms people hounded the 9th Fleet through their entire mission, all the way to Bernard, where a saboteur caused the misjump.

Cottle scraped up medicines and chemicals to freeze the crews of the Agamemnon and Thermopylae, and the rest everyone knows.


With Cottle’s help, Becker orders several additional crewers be thawed:

  • Agamemnon’s Tactical Services Officer and 3rd-in-command Major Justin Summerville.
  • Chief Engineer Elizabeth Fagan
  • Chief Robert Kim, Agamemnon’s Deck Boss
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Lance Torres, to take over Jenkins’ position as Chief of Human Services
  • Petty Officer Morgan Wilson, the Deck Boss from the Coyote
  • And the remaining 8 marines from Janks’ unit – five of whom do not survive.











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