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Awakening Session Notes – 24 September 2011

Awakening Session Notes – 24 September 2011

While the party is gathered over the body of Petty Officer Jenkins, a brown-out kils the lights ship-wide.  Captain Millet informs the sleepers that the primary power plant was only provisioned to provide a trickle of power to the ship, and that’s not enough to keep turning things on.

The party splits for a number of purposes.  The marine unit heads to the primary plant room with Captain Millet, Becker and Mitch head to the senior officers’ deck, and Stella heads to pilot country, where she finds her locker (and decently-preserved box of cigars) but no logs or evidence helping with anyone’s memory.  She proceeds to the Echo squadron launch deck and finds solace in her fighter.

When Millet enters the plant room, she looks up at the K-F drive and has a vivid flashback:

Laura Remembers 1

When she recovers she sets about brining the plant up to full power, but notes to the rest of the team that the K-F drive filament was burned out in the misjump.

Meanwhile, Becker and Mitch find that they’re locked out of most of the senior officers’ quarters except for Tokugawa’s – whose quarters seem  like they’d been ransacked.  On the wall, painted in red calligraphy ink is the phrase “All of the warriors, none of the poets”.

The increased power returns the lights and other systems to normal.  Before returning to the CIC, the party begins the 36-hour revival process on Major Cottle’s pod.  Upon returning to the CIC, Captain Millet informs the team that the RCS thrusters have all been test-fired (one exploded in the process), but without the main computer on-line, the ship can only be maneuvered manually from a tiny control room at the front of the ship meant for use while in dry dock.  Stella and Mitch go forward to the control room and maneuver the Agamemnon so that it is no longer in eminent danger of drifting into the asteroid field.

Millet and some other members of the party head down to the computer core to try to gain access to the ship by bypassing the vessel’s security countermeasures at the hardware level.  When they arrive in the core, they find, much to their surprise, that the hardware hack that Millet was intending to perform had already been done – it appeared to be a masterwork of electrical engineering, and was sealed with security tape, seemingly initialled by Millet herself.  Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, she resets the user accounts of the team so they can gain control of the ship’s main computer.  The hack has the unfortunate side effect of leaving the ship’s core functionality extremely vulnerable to intrusion.

The party spends several hours reviewing officers’ logs to reconstruct what had happened.  They learn that the ship was sabotaged, burning out the K-F drive filament, making it impossible to jump the last 14 light years to Persephone.  There was some small bit of dissent on the ship, and several suicides, but Admiral Tokugawa, Colonel Becker, and Colonel Vail of the 101st Armored Regiment kept control.  Major Cottle devised a way to cryogenically freeze the entire crew, which required collecting large volumes of industrial chemicals and medical supplies as well as the incredible undertaking of fabricating the pods themselves from spare parts.  The crew pointed the ship to intercept Persephone’s gravity well, burned the last of their fuel, and entered cryogenic sleep roughly three months after the misjump.

The party separates to their individual berths and sleep.

The next morning, Stella and Mitch head to the dropship bay to examine the Thermopylae, the Overlord-class dropship docked there.  In the muster room outside of the bay they find memorials for the crews of the Marathon and the Cynae – the two dropships and associated battalions who were lost in the jump.

Back in the ship’s kitchens, there is some discussion over the provisions (or lack thereof), and Colonel Becker lays down some ground rules, as well as discovering that while they did not necessarily overestimate the remaining provisions, there is a complete lack of proper nutritional balance, so in reality the stores will not last nearly as long.  During the kerfuffle, Sergeant Stimson attempts to gain access to the sick bay computers, but fails, and Captain Ives performs research into the Persephone system and calculates plots to the different planets of the system.

The session ends with an uncomfortable fast-breaking in the Agamemnon’s kitchens.

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Awakening Session Notes – 10 September 2011

Awakening Session Notes – 10 September 2011

The game begins with a prologue.

The sleepers crawl out of their pods and dress, finding themselves in a large cargo hold full of nearly a thousand other makeshift chambers, including about forty made out of coffins, and two legitimate medical cryogenic units.  They find their names taped to the outside of their pods, which also match the names on the uniforms found therein.  One of the two medical chambers contain a Major Sherman Cottle, the other Rear Admiral Ishida Tokugawa.  Tokugawa’s pod appears to have been shattered by a fire axe sometime shortly after his internment, leaving only mummified remains and gore.

The pods themselves were linked through a series of makeshift distribution nodes and connected to a central computer and a hyper-sensitive gravity sensor, presumably to trigger a thaw when approaching a planetary body, which showed a mission time of 2,056,794, and then an error fault.

After examining an observation port, the party discovers that they’re on a ship very near a planetary body and asteroid field.

The party makes their way to the CIC and finds the ship essentially in a mothballed state, all systems shut down.  The systems in the sleeper bay were set to trigger the ship’s life support to activate, and for nearly 235 years the only parts of the ship that received power were the sleeper bay and a hardened locker on a utility deck in another part of the ship.

They find a star chart with the star Persephone marked, and an X marked between Persephone and the nearest star, Bernard.  Also, when Kim passes by the jump station, she has a vivid flashback:

Kim Remembers - 15 March 2785 – 03:30

Leaving Captain Millet and Sergeant Blake behind to continue plumbing the ship’s current status from the CIC, the party heads to the hardened locker.  The door is locked with a key-code which no one in the party can remember, but the door does have the hallmarks of having been guarded at one point.  They also attempt to enter an arms locker but again are unable to breach the door – the code having traditionally been rotated by the ship’s computer on a daily basis.

Returning to the CIC, Captain Millet informs the party that the ship is almost completely out of compressed gas, and they should refrain from excessive out-gassing until they can replenish the supply.  Alternately, the ship’s hydrogen fuel bottles are completely full, as the collectors had been activated before the crew went to sleep.  The party digs up a ship’s organization chart and then proceeds to the cargo holds adjoining the ship’s kitchens to check in on the food supply.  Rough calculations of the ship’s durable goods show enough preserved food to keep the party alive for nearly a year, but likely only enough to last the full crew a few weeks.

They decide they must wake someone from the quartermaster’s department to get a handle on their limited supplies, so the party returns to the sleeper bay and examine the scripts used to manage the sleepers.  It is found that the original code was meant to first wake Tokugawa and Cottle and then wake everyone else in phases, but someone had tampered with the code in attempt to make it wake a different pod first, but failed miserably, causing the party to wake instead.

The discover a way to trigger the wake cycle on individual pods, and begin first with a cook in the human services division.  After the cycle completes, they open the pod to find a mummy, the cryo process having failed centuries previously.  They next try to wake Petty Officer James Jenkins, the former chief of Human Services aboard ship, who dies of convulsions in the process of being revived before the party can break into the pod to help.

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